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Environmental Care Foundation (ECF) is a community based registered non-governmental organization with the CAC on 23rd August 2010 with registration no CAC/IT/NO 40305. ECF has been communicating sustainable development and ameliorating livelihoods through initiating, promoting, supporting projects and programmers geared towards improving communities’ livelihoods, access to quality education, Peace building, food security and environmental sustainability.


Since 2010, Environmental Care Foundation (ECF) has been working throughout the North east more visibly in Adamawa State where we have been involved in promoting sustainable development and humanitarian response. Through this experience, ECF has developed strong relationships with community members and local stakeholders. We have worked in Michika, Mubi North, Madagali, Gombi, Hong, Guyuk and Maiha LGAs in Adamawa State.


ECF team is headed by an Executive Director, who oversees and coordinates activities, Program officer, Livelihoods head, Administrative and Finance officer, M&E, office Secretary, office assistance and numerous volunteers. The organization has well trained and experienced development consultants, professional in various fields they are either engaged or on volunteering when the need arise.

Our Vision

An empowered peaceful community through sustainable development initiatives leveraging on their potentials

Our Mission

Strategically poised to leverage on communities and people’s potentials in ensuring sustainable development through participatory community development process, livelihood and nutrition advancement, agriculture, education and peace building using environment as an entry point.

Our Objectives

  1. To promote food security through sustainable climate smart agricultural activities
  2. Promote activities that Protect, preserve and improve the environment
  3. To empower Women and youth in agriculture relative venture /activities
  4. Promote access to quality education and infrastructures
  5. Promotion of Peaceful coexistence and civic education
  6. Enhancing access to education and creating a safe environment for children to advance their life and access to health care services and clean drinking water
  7. To interface with other interest groups, faith-based organizations, religious bodies and stake holders for community cohesion and shared prosperity
  8. Promoting the development of young people by providing access to quality information, education and services


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Climate change is perhaps the most serious environmental threat to the fight against hunger, malnutrition. diseases and poverty in African. Climate change that was once a far distance issue has shown itself in the Northeast which is threatening the food security of the population. ECF builds resilience and promotes local adaptation and mitigation strategies. We promote environmentally friendly activities and farming through introduction of climate smart agriculture etc. we observe UN days especially WED, WDD, WHD etc . ECF in collaboration with the State Ministry of Environment has recently launched a project the Green Adamawa Project (GAP) with mandate to plant four million trees in four years. This was supported by the State Governor. Primary and secondary schools’ students and pupils are constantly educated on climate change issues and exposing them to disaster risk reduction strategies to protect and preserve the environment. 

Goal: $70,000
Raised: $63,000 90%

Despite the fact that more than 70% of the population in the Northeast are involved in agriculture as the major source of livelihood, their food security is still being threatened. The physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life is poor and unsustainable. ECF focus to leverage on the community’s potential to improve their livelihoods through sustainable agricultural activities and empowerment activities

 Our major livelihoods strategy is through facilitating access to agricultural inputs, livestock, technical support and engaging them into meaningful and sustainable agriculture venture. 

Goal: $70,000
Raised: $63,000 90%

No development can be achieved in any society where peace is fragile or absent. ECF has been engaged in promoting peace through various strategies based on issues and target group.  Promote peaceful coexistence for development. We also promote community development and empower communities to take up the right based approach to solving their problems by enhancing the community members’ capacity to drive the process.

Goal: $70,000
Raised: $63,000 90%

In 2016 after measuring the impacts, our partners advised and supported us to expand the activities to 32 clubs from the communities.  The seven-month activities supported by NERI were aimed at expanding peace by engaging the youths through football and peace building meetings.  Huge success was made at various stage of the implementation. The activities involve over 1000 youths in 16 wards of Michika LGAThe objective of this project is to promote peaceful- coexistence

Goal: $70,000
Raised: $63,000 90%

Education is the bedrock of development and every individual and community required education to be useful to themselves and the society.  Education is crucial in determining the level of social capital of any community.

ECF promotes and facilitates access to quality education either through infrastructural and materials support, teaching aids and enhancing the quality of teachers. We believe education is a right especially to the children and should be free at primary level.

Before the insurgency, the Northeast has been declared as one of the most educational disadvantaged regions in the country. The insurgency activities have further impacted negatively on education and this has to be taken seriously. We have supported 5000 in-school pupils with access to uniform, textbooks, writing and reading materials, teaching aids, school sandal and shoe this increases school enrolment while enhancing the capacity of 130 teachers in 13 primary schools in Michika LGA

Goal: $70,000
Raised: $63,000 90%
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Goal: $70,000
Raised: $63,000 90%

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Environmental Care Foundation (ECF) is a development non-government organization registered in Nigeria in 2010. ECF is engrossed to promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focusing on climate change, Food Security, Good Governance, Education and Peace building. respectfully Goals (2. 7, 4.13. 16, 14) and providing humanitarian assistance and support in the Northeast